Reintegrating Through The Arts

Reintegrating through the arts is a gender based justice project, aimed at supporting females of Caribbean / African descent who are in conflict with the law. The project objective is to utilize various artistic methods as a vehicle in which participants will be able to: Identity patterns, Address Anger Management, Develop employable skills, Increase communication, Build Team skills, Improve self awareness and express. Strengthen life skills, Build Healthy Relationships, Increase academic success, Learn financial planning and Create individual goals.
Participants will gain hands on experience in THEATRE PRODUCTION: acting, singing, dancing and radio drama. BROADCAST JOURNALISM: internet, radio/television and magazine. VIDEO PRODUCTION: music videos and commercials. STUDIO ENGINEER: production of CD & DVD. WEB PAGE DESIGN: graphic design, interface design, HTML and web hosting. WORKSHOPS: money matters, life skills, anger management and healthy relationships. Through one to one and group sessions participants will receive support in creating individuals goals, while addressing the issues resulting in their conflict with the law.

Reintegrating through the arts PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS ARE: Females of Caribbean/African descent 12-17 years of age in conflict with the law. Interested in the arts and multimedia Out of school and wanting assistance to upgrade or find employment. This program supports youths with: Extra Judicial Sanctions, Court ordered Diversions, Bail and/or Probation Orders, Counseling Conditions, Awaiting Trial, CSO orders, and Anger Management Requirements. Tokens and refreshments provided. For more info Tel: (647) 341-9031 or Email: masani.montague@upfrontt.com


Stage to Air March Break/Summer Camp

Stage to Air March Break and Summer camps operates out of UPFRONT STUDIO THEATRE- a brand new audio video recording and production studio. The activities of the studio are as follows: Flex internet radio and telelvision; Flex dance and talent showcase; Stage to Air weekly radio drama show; Youth Talk television program (13-21 years old); All About Kids televisison program (7-12 years old); Baby Talk television program (4-6 years old); Radio and television broadcasting; Acting for television; Voice training for broadcasting, webcasting, Theatre production and Production of commercial and Production of commercial. In designing Stage to Air summer camp much thought is is given to maximizing the multi-media envronment of UPFRONT STUDIO THEATRE in order to enhance and cultivate children who are interested in broadcast journalism. This multi-disciplinary atmosphere is placing great emphasis and focus on rearing young, dynamic, dazzling, and bright personalites. UPFRONT STUDIO THEATRE climate is breaking new grounds in the sense that any child in the community who is interested in exploring and learning different facets of radio and telelvision production, they have this opportunity open to them.

Rastafari Arts and Kulcha Festival - Promo Video for Rastafest 2011